Categories Of Water Damage

water damage restoration mariettaDespite the fact that all water damage is stressful, not all water damage disasters are the same. Different types of water damage can result from different sources of water, and each poses a unique set of threats to your home and your health. That being said, each type of water damage also calls for a unique set of restoration procedures as well. 

Water Damage Restoration Marietta

This article will help to make you aware of the three categories of water damage and what they could mean for your water damage restoration.

Category 1

Water from a source that is regarded as ‘clean’ falls under Category 1 Water. Referred to as ‘clean water,’ category 1 water poses little hazard to your health and has little to no contaminants because it comes from a clean source. Water from a damaged supply line or a leaky faucet is two examples of a clean water source. Water damage restoration for category 1 water is simple and straightforward, beginning with extraction and drying as soon as possible. As long as water damage restoration begins right away, damage sustained from category 1 water can be remediated and your home can be returned to its pre-loss condition in a timely manner, with minimal damage to your home and belongings.

Category 2

Water in category 2 may have small amounts of dangerous bacteria, viruses, and microorganisms, which is why it is often called ‘gray water.’ Overflow from the dishwasher, washing machine, and toilet bowl devoid of waste are typical sources of gray water. Strict safety measures must be taken when handling this type of water because it can make people sick when coming into contact with it. Water damage restoration for category 2 water will involve the typical extraction and drying methods, but specialized personal protective equipment will be used, along with disinfection and sanitization to eradicate any potentially hazardous microorganisms. Damage from category 2 water tends to be more significant than from category 1 water, but as long as water damage restoration begins right away it can still be mitigated and made as minimal as possible.

Category 3

Blackwater, also known as category 3 water, is highly contaminated water that originates from sewage lines, toilet bowls with visible feces, standing water that has started to sprout bacteria, and flash floods from rivers, canals, and streams. Storm-related water is also considered category 3 water and should be handled with the same caution. Black water should never come into contact with it. If consumed, this kind of water can result in significant disease and even death. To ensure that living circumstances are sanitary and all dangerous contamination is completely gone, black water requires a particular water damage restoration method. This often entails steam cleaning, sterilization, and disinfecting of surfaces and materials in the affected area, all while ensuring personal safety precautions so there is no exposure to the harmful contaminants contained in black water. 

Regardless of the different types of water damage your Marietta home sustains, water damage is tricky and can become very dangerous in a matter of minutes. There is one thing that’s the same across the board – you should leave water damage restoration to the professionals at Dry Pros.

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