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When it comes to water damage, the quicker we get the moisture out of wall cavities and carpets, the quicker we can fully restore your home back to normal. If water damage is left untreated, mold can start growing in the affected areas in the first 72 hours. Without out powerful tools and dehumidification techniques, you run the risk of leaving the unseen areas of your home or business wet, causing mold to grow from the inside out. Leave it to the experts to dry your property quickly and effectively.

Water can be classified in three categories:

Category 1: Clean Water – this is a water source that does not pose a harmful threat to humans. Examples include broken water supply lines, overflowed sinks or tubs, or appliance malfunctions.

Category 2: Grey Water – this refers to a water source that contains chemical, biological, or physical contaminants that can cause sickness if exposed to, or consumed. Examples include sump pump failures and water discharge from dishwashers and washing machines.

Category 3: Black Water – this water source contains unsanitary agents, harmful bacteria, and fungi that can cause severe sickness. Examples include sewage backups and rising water from streams or rivers.

* Note: a category 1 damage can degrade in to a category 3 depending upon the materials it hits and amount of time the water is allowed to sit. Time is of the essence!

Water permeates and can quickly destroy a lot in a short amount of time. Even a small trickle of water can do serious damage to floors, carpet, furniture, or cabinets. In order to minimize the damage done, it is essential to get to the root of the problem quickly, and to extract the water fast. Dry Pros can completely dry out the water using state-of-the-art technology. With the best available equipment, our certified technicians are able to extract, dry, and monitor the affected areas. Our goal is to get your property back to pre-loss condition as soon as possible.

Responding to an emergency water damage loss – steps we take:

  • Identifying the source of water
  • Extracting water with water pumps and our truck-mounted system
  • Sealing off the affected area to prevent spreading
  • Installing drying equipment
  • Monitoring drying process and preventing mold
  • If mold is already present, we will safely remediate it
  • Rebuilding affected area

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