Water Damage Restoration

floor water damage restoration marietta

When it comes to water damage, you don’t want to waste any time. When you act quickly and get professional help to cleanup and dry your property, you’re putting the safety and security of your home or business first.

Choosing to work with a water damage restoration company means that you’ll get access to powerful tools and dehumidification techniques that promotes faster drying and ensures that all damp or wet areas – even those you can’t see – are properly dried. This protects your property from unnecessary damage and actively prevents mold growth. Trust the experts to dry your property quickly and effectively. 

floor water damage restoration marietta

Get Fast 24/7 Response in Metro Atlanta

You Deserve Professional Service from a Certified Team

When you need water mitigation services fast, there is no better place to call than Dry Pros. Our Atlanta response team will arrive quickly and fully prepared to make a quick diagnosis. We’ll take immediate action in order to minimize and contain the damage on the scene.

We are a certified water damage company that can help all residential and commercial water damaged properties. If you are facing an emergency water damage situation, don’t hesitate to call right away so we can start the water damage repairs as soon as possible. 

How Dry Pros Restores Your Property after Water Damage

Don't Risk Handling Water Damage On Your Own

Attempting to clean up water damage on your own can be risky. If the water is contaminated or mold growth has begun it can be hazardous to your health to attempt cleanup without the proper protective equipment. 

Dry Pros team of certified and experienced professionals has extensive training to ensure that any contamination is properly addressed, any mold growth is mitigated, and that your health and safety will be protected throughout the cleanup process. You can rest assured that when your property is restored, it will be clean and healthy once again.

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Water can be classified in three categories:

Category 1: Clean Water – this is a water source that does not pose a harmful threat to humans. Examples include broken water supply lines, overflowed sinks or tubs, or appliance malfunctions.

Category 2: Grey Water – this refers to a water source that contains chemical, biological, or physical contaminants that can cause sickness if exposed to, or consumed. Examples include sump pump failures and water discharge from dishwashers and washing machines.

Category 3: Black Water – this water source contains unsanitary agents, harmful bacteria, and fungi that can cause severe sickness. Examples include sewage backups and rising water from streams or rivers.

* Note: a category 1 damage can degrade in to a category 3 depending upon the materials it hits and amount of time the water is allowed to sit. Time is of the essence!

What People Are Saying About Us

I can’t thank T.J. and his team enough for the professional work done to my home. I had a pipe burst on Christmas Eve and they immediately came out to start the process of drying my home. I would highly recommend DryPros for water mitigation. Their quick response and thoroughness took a stressful situation and gave me the peace of mind that my house was dry and mold free. Thank you very much for all your hard work. I really appreciate it.

Jennifer S.

A few years ago we were in a place where the water heater blew and leaked all over the basement. TJ and Dry Pros came to dry the basement and stayed till 1am to get everything cleaned up and start the drying process so we didn’t have mold set in.

A few years later we moved into a place that had ground water enter the basement. Again I called Dry Pros and TJ and his crew came to help us out. Every water crisis we’ve had, Dry Pros has helped us with professional service allowing us to work through what can be very difficult and stressful situations. In short, if you have any flooding or water issues, Dry Pros is who you want to help you clean up and dry out quickly.

Mike N.

Super friendly, helpful and most importantly FAIR!! They made a stressful situation so much better with their professionalism and empathy to my water troubles! I can’t recommend them enough!!

Rachel F.

“Great experience with Dry Pros on a garage cleanup. I was on the edge of their service area, but they still came the same day to dry everything out as quickly as possible after it happened. I looked around because another company just wanted to demo it all and I was able to avoid that. They came back several times to check the progress and make adjustments. Big thanks to Bret and Austin.”

Michael G.

Dry pros are great they offer very professional services. I recently had the pleasure of getting my crawl space encapsulated, I thought that they would replace my insulation after the cleaning but that was not the case. When I called to discuss this, they were very understanding, and the owner even came out to meet me and makes things right. He offered a solution that in the end leaves me as a very happy customer. Thanks TJ and Dry Pros

Nathaniel B.

He is the best! He displayed patience, honesty, professionalism, and every quality you look for in a good contractor. He took his time to make sure the tiles flowed in a pattern like it’s supposed to flow which he didn’t have to do since I would have never known otherwise. But he took the time to do it right and it makes my home look rich! If you want a job done well and detailed, you should get him!

Trisha H.

Quick response quality work makes a horrible situation pleasant–great employees as well. It was nice to see an owner that took pride in his business work and appearance. Great to have workers at my house that I felt safe with. TJ really took the time to make sure I understood everything that was going on and what his plans were.

Megan D.

Excellent to work with. Honest, timely, professional. Very pleased with the outcome under a stressful situation.

Margaret M.

This is a great company. They are extremely professional and proficient. I didn’t have to do anything other than dial a number. They arrived immediately after calling them. They handled all my needs. Would definitely recommend them. 5 stars from me very happy customer.

Trina V.

Fast response time & great customer service! I couldn’t be more satisfied with the work these guys did!

Scott A.

When your property is damaged, it's an emergency. Call us anytime, 24/7 for immediate service.

Restoring Your Property Is Easy with Dry Pros

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Call Immediately

Don’t waste any time in calling our team for help. We respond 24/7 and can help put a stop to the damage.

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Cleanup & Repair

After the initial cleanup, our crew will take care of any repairs or reconstruction to return your property to normal.

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Return to Normal

You can rest easy with the confidence knowing your property was professional restored.

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