Pack Out and Storage Services

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After experiencing a disaster or a property loss, it can be an overwhelming feeling to go through the rebuild process while trying to cope with the loss. You may not know where to even start, and that is a common experience.

Dry Pros will always begin the reconstruction process by packing out and storing your belongings. It is the best way to free up the space in your home or office for water or fire cleanup and rebuild. Additionally, packing out and securely storing contents will ensure that your items do not get damaged during the restoration process.

Dry Pros Contents Pack-out & Storage

Depending on the situation, Dry Pros can pack up all your belongings and store them either on site in a storage container or offsite in a secure warehouse. We can clean and restore may types of things as well, and store them until your home or business is rebuilt and ready to move back in. Cleaning your contents right away is important to mitigate the damage done by soot or water.

Dry Pros is committed to our customers, so you can have peace of mind knowing that your treasured items, furniture, documents, electronics, and personal items are safe and secure. We will ease the burden of packing and unpacking so you can return to your normal life as quickly as possible.

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