Mold Damage Cleanup Services

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When moisture and warmth tango, the end result is almost always mold. When untreated, mold can break off into airborne toxins that can wreak havoc on a person’s respiratory system and cause disease. If not cleaned thoroughly and properly, mold can keep coming back and start to spread to clean areas within your home or building. Don’t be fooled that a good dose of bleach will do the job. Mold can be much deeper than what you see growing on the surface.

Dry Pros’ staff are certified experts in mold removal and remediation. We also go one step further and create an ideal environment that will help prevent mold in the future. If you have reoccurring spores or suspicion of mold in your home, contact Dry Pros today for a free estimate or consultation.

Mold Specialists

Dry Pros has an array of services for efficient and complete mold removal for your home or business. Our goal is to keep mold contamination from spreading and to prevent its future appearance. As IICRC Certified specialists, we can execute exact procedures to make sure the mold is safely removed. If the source of mold is a water leak or flood, we are also certified in water extraction so we are able to completely remove the water, dry it out, and take care of the mold as well.

  • Licensed Mold Removal Contractor
  • Trained Technicians for Mold Removal
  • High End Mold Removal Technology
  • Controlled Removal of Affected Materials
  • Complete Cleanup, Repair and Restoration

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