Common Household Appliances That Cause House Fires

fire damage cleanup mariettaWhen a fire breaks out in your house, it can be due to a variety of factors. No matter how the fire starts, the outcomes are disastrous. As the best fire damage cleanup professionals in Marietta, Dry Pros wants to make sure you are ready to do everything you can to avoid a fire. While open flames are the root of many kitchen fires, others are due to household appliances. The following are the most common appliances that cause fires in your home.

Fire Damage Cleanup In Marietta

1. Stove

The stovetop and oven are essentials for preparing meals in any home. However, if left unattended, ovens and stoves can result in a kitchen fire. Stoves and ovens that are not working properly can also cause a fire. Failure to clean the oven and stove regularly can lead to a house fire. Grease fires can also occur quickly on a stovetop and could get out of control very fast. While Thanksgiving and Christmas are the peak times for cooking fires, a stovetop can start a fire at any time of year. ensure you maintain your stove properly.

2. Dishwasher

A dishwasher is created with heating coils that dry clean dishes.  In every cycle, the heating components mix with the water, heat up, and then cool down. If you have a faulty heating element it can start a house fire. Professionals advise owners to never leave the house while the dishwasher is running. Also, ensure you don’t leave the dishwasher running overnight. To prevent water from dripping over the internal wiring and causing a fire, replace any broken components.

3. Dryer

Washing machines and clothes dryers are responsible for about 16,000 house fires each year. When the lint filter in the dryer gathers too much lint, it ignites. The simplest and most effective method to prevent a washer fire is to clean the lint trap regularly. Furthermore, the heating components in the drying system and the sections within the washer’s drum are capable of catching fire. Homeowners should always follow the manufacturer’s directions and avoid overloading either appliance for fire safety reasons.

4. Refrigerator

Since refrigerators remain cold, people always think it is impossible for them to catch fire. However, internal components like the compressor might overheat and cause a fire. When the electrical elements within the fridge catch fire, the surrounding plastic supplies plenty of fuel for a massive fire.

5. Microwaves

Microwave accidents are not uncommon, even though they are usually safe appliances. Accidental overheating of foods is the leading cause of microwave fires. Frozen foods might be dangerous if you overestimate how long it will take to prepare the meal. Another major cause of a microwave fire is an electrical short or faulty wiring.

Call The Fire Damage Cleanup Pros In Marietta

Fire safety is always every house owner’s responsibility. A fire can start even if you use appliances carefully. If you encounter fire damage on your property, contact Dry Pros. Our fire damage cleanup specialists will quickly restore your house or business to its pre-fire condition. After receiving your call, Dry Pros experts arrive quickly to examine the damage and establish a fire damage cleanup plan. For emergency fire damage cleanup in Marietta, give us a call right away.

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