Does Insurance Pay For Fire Damage Cleanup In Marietta?  

fire damage cleanup mariettaLike most American homeowners, your residence is probably the most valuable asset you have. Therefore, you carry homeowners insurance to help protect against house fires, wildfires, or other property damage. And the risk is real; In 2019, there were more than 1 million fires across the United States. 

The National Fire Protection Association reports almost 350,000 house fires each year, costing billions of dollars. Before you experience a disaster, review what your current policy covers and how much protection it will provide.

Tapping into your insurance coverage for fire damage cleanup would minimize your out-of-pocket losses. Start professional emergency cleanup services while the insurance company gathers the data for your full claim to keep the process moving swiftly. And acting quickly will also save you money. The sooner you start sorting, cleaning, and deodorizing, the more possessions that you are likely to salvage.

What is Covered By Homeowner Insurance?  

Homeowners insurance helps protect personal belongings from specific risks, or “perils“, like fire and lightning strikes. The premiums you pay buy you coverage to repair and replace your home and your possessions if they are ruined by one of those perils. Some protections that may (or may not) be included in your plan are:

  • Cleanup expenses and contents cleaning
  • Replacement expenses for non-salvageable belongings
  • Repair expenses for property damage- some include attached garages, some include unattached outbuildings. 
  • Accommodations and meals if your property is uninhabitable  
  • Coverage for wildfire damage
  • Replacing landscaping that was ruined

Find a copy of your policy or call you agent to reconfirm your coverage and limits.

Does Renter’s Insurance Cover Fire Damage?

Standard renter’s policy includes a clause for coverage to your personal belongings due to fire damage. Since renter’s insurance is designed to cover just your personal stuff and not the structure you live in, damage to the rental home or apartment is not a part of this policy.  

Double-check the estimated value of all personal belongings in your rental home against the maximum amount you could claim in case of a fire; call your insurance company to increase the limits if needed.  

What Is Your Responsibility In The Process? 

In order to keep this policy agreement valid, you are expected to protect the site. In legalese, this is known as your duty to “mitigate damages.” You have to protect the possessions until the repairs can be made. For example, if a burst pipe is spilling gallons into the basement, you need to shut off the flow of water.  If an area of the attic is open to the sky, you need to cover it with a plastic tarp. As long as you make an effort to protect the space, the insurance company will pay you back when they pay your claim.

A Tip For This Economy…

Reconsider your limit for dwelling coverage. Since the cost of rebuilding after a fire will certainly be more than what you paid when you bought it, consider what it may cost to rebuild or repair your home at current rates. Building material costs rose 31.3 percent from early 2020 to early 2022, with no relief in sight. 

How Dry Pros Addresses Fire Damage At Your Home

After a fire, while you need to understand your coverage, you need to get the professionals on site immediately to begin cleanup. Even though they have helped hundreds of families with devastating damage, Dry Pros recognizes that each disaster, home and family will need special support. Depending on your situation, the team can help you with many services, including:

  • Deodorization and, Smoke Removal   
  • Electronics Cleaning
  • Restoration of Art and Valuable Documents
  • Clothing Dry Cleaning  
  • Textile Cleaning (Carpets and Upholstery)
  • Full Content Pack-out  

When You Need Fire Damage Cleanup In Marietta

If you’ve had a fire in your North Georgia home, Dry Pros will respond immediately with a full team, top-of-the-line equipment, and years of experience. They will work diligently to salvage your floors, walls, and possessions while preparing a safe home for your family to move back into. When you hire Dry Pros, not only do you get exceptional service, you get peace of mind as well.

Learn more about the types of fire damage.

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