Five Steps For Dealing With A Flooded Apartment

water damage restoration mariettaNo matter where you live, flood damage is always a nightmare scenario. However, how you deal with a flood’s aftermath depends on where you live. Apartments versus houses, for instance, require slightly different water damage restoration strategies. 

Water Damage Restoration Marietta

From our water damage restoration team at Dry Pros, here are five steps for dealing with a flooded apartment. 

Prioritize Your Safety

Flooding and water damage can pose significant health and safety threats to you. These threats should never be taken lightly. So even if the amount of floodwater is small, it could still be contaminated with dangerous microorganisms and bacteria or compromise the electrical systems in your apartment. Experts recommend simply avoiding contact with the floodwater until it has been verified that it is safe by a restoration technician. Keep in mind that if the floodwater is high enough to reach the electric outlets, it’s important to avoid the area in case of the electric current going through the water. Be sure to follow the instructions provided.

Locate The Source Of Flooding

An essential element of responding to a water damage crisis is locating the source of the flooding as soon as possible so you can put a stop to the flooding. Even a difference of a few minutes can make the difference between hundreds of gallons of water entering your home in the event of a major flood. You should also make sure you know where the water shut-off valve in your apartment is located. This will allow you to immediately stop the flooding if the water is coming from a burst pipe.

Notify Your Landlord

Finally, contacting your landlord is an essential next step in responding to a water damage disaster. The sooner you let your landlord know about the disaster, the sooner they will be able to reach out to a certified water damage restoration company to come out and repair the damage. Your landlord is motivated to take care of the damage as soon as possible just like you are so make it a priority to let them know as soon as possible.

Secure Vulnerable Items

Sometimes the worst thing about a flood is not the damage it causes to your home but the irreversible damage it can cause to your valued possessions. To reduce the likelihood of this happening, it’s important that you remove any damaged possessions from the floodwater as soon as possible so they can begin drying out. You may also want to remove particularly vulnerable items if the flooding has significantly increased the humidity levels in your apartment.

Inform Your Neighbors

If there is flooding in your apartment, there may also be flooding in your neighbors’ apartments. Notifying them of the flood may help them avoid any unnecessary water damage or health hazards. 

At Dry Pros, we hope you find the tips above helpful for dealing with a flooded apartment and making the best of a bad situation. Don’t hesitate to give us a call for help so we can help you get back on your feet.

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