How Do You Remove Smoke Odors After Fire Damage Cleanup?

fire damage marietta, fire damage cleanup marietta, fire damage repair mariettaA house fire is one of the worst chapters in a homeowners life. This dangerous event is often emotional and terrifying. Plus it is just plain messy and smelly. After the flames are out, the fire can leave soot, smoke particles, and stains and a lingering smoke odor. 

Since smoke often gets absorbed into the porous surfaces of your home, such as the carpet and furniture, the smells can get caught in the materials. Odors can embed so deeply that professional restoration is the only choice for removal. However, here are a few things to try on your own before you make the call to Dry Pro. 

Improve Air Quality

After the fire is out and you can get back into the home, open your windows to allow fresh air to circulate through your home. By bringing in fresh air, you will push out dangerous smoke gases out.

To clean the air in your home, use some more tools. Air purifiers actively remove the particles that create odors in the home. Not only do they clear out allergens and pollen, they also make the air smell better. Upgrade to a HEPA filter to capture the smallest particles. 

Leave the air purifier on while you clean, vacuum and wipe in order to pull in many of the particles that were stirred up while you cleaned. Change all filters, including pre-filters, many times as you clean this week.

DIY Methods

Take a page from your grandma’s notebook and use some old fashioned wisdom. Before you call in the pros, try these simple steps for removing smoke smells.

White vinegar is a classic tool for deodorizing and cleaning. This inexpensive kitchen ingredient cuts odors naturally through a simple chemical reaction. Spray porous fabrics and carpets with a diluted spray. Because acetic acid easily bonds with volatile molecules, a light mist of it will help break down odors. 

Wash clothing, sheets and towels with one cup of vinegar to remove the smell left by fine particles. Wipe down walls, floors, and other solid surfaces with a white vinegar. Placing the bowls of vinegar for several days can help dissipate the smell. 

Baking soda will absorb smoke odor. Simply place open bowls of the powder in smelly areas. However, before you create a paste to clean stains, be sure that the areas are free from soot and ash. You don’t want to scratch or etch glass or ceramic surfaces. Activated carbon is also great for absorbing odors.   

Upholstered furniture and carpets will also hold onto smoke odors. You can attempt to clean with a household steamer, but the pros will have more powerful equipment and enzyme sprays for much better results. 

Lastly, rent a power washer to rinse the outside of your home: siding, windows, decks, driveways, sidewalks. You need to wash away as much of the debris from your property as possible.

Ozone Generators Are For Pros Only

Ozone generators can do a good job in smoke odor removal however they produce high levels of ozone that can damage your lungs. They have also been shown to produce a variety of harmful by-products when interacting with many different chemicals. Let the professionals handle this option. They can set up the equipment to “shock” your home when no one is there-  to keep everyone safe.  

Call For Fire Damage Cleanup Help in Marietta

When you’ve had a fire in your home, you could use some help cleaning and restoring the damage. Since your house fire is unique, your odor removal timeline could range anywhere from two weeks to a month. If you want to speed up and improve the process, let the experts in Marietta help you today. 

Dry Pros responds immediately with a full team and resources. They are family owed, IICRC Certified and will work directly with your insurance company. Count on Dry Pros to help you recover from a house fire, flood, or any home damage emergency. 

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