Property Damage Restoration After a Fire

fire damage restoration mariettaA fire may be a life-changing experience, and the idea of repairing fire-damaged property can be daunting. The purpose of fire damage restoration is to restore your property to its pre-fire state. Following a fire, properties are subjected to a variety of damages, including flames, smoke, and water used by firefighting services to put out the fire. Although each fire situation is different and involves a unique restoration plan, there is a standard procedure that fire damage restoration experts use, and it is beneficial for you to be aware of it as a house owner.

Assessing The Damage

Before they begin the assessment process, the fire restoration crew must ensure that it is safe to get into a building after a fire, due to the structure’s damaged base and integrity. After making sure it is safe to enter, the fire damage repair company conducts a thorough evaluation to establish the severity of the damage. This involves assessing the property’s materials to determine what can be replaced and what can be fixed. The restoration team will have a clearer idea of the amount of work that needs to be done, how long it would take, or how much it would cost after the assessment.

Security of Property and Debris Removal

After assessing and inspecting the property, the next step is to secure it. This includes strengthening vulnerable places, clearing waste from the perimeter, and sealing any openings to prevent any more harm from the elements, such as rain.

Water Extraction and Dry Out

During this step, the purpose is to remove water and dry out the building to stop potential mold or corrosion damage. Personal belongings will be removed from the building’s interior. Compromised drywall, floors as well as other materials will be taken down to the studs as required. To dry out the property, water extraction teams will use commercial equipment to ensure it is completely dry.

Clean Up and Smoke Removal

To start removing smoke and soot from the internal and exterior surfaces, this step takes a lot of work. Every area affected needs cleaning up using deodorizing agents to eliminate bad odor. To make sure that no bacteria are left behind and to avoid mold development, experts always sanitize and use antimicrobial agents.

Restoration And Repairing

The final step entails restoring the structure to its pre-fire condition. Any item which cannot be saved has been discarded and must be replaced at this point. Here, a lot of renovation is done. This would include re-plumbing, rebuilding the roof, having to replace electronic systems, and repainting. To get your property back to what it was before the fire, you will need to do a complete renovation. Your house will be as good as new once the fire damage restoration is completed.

Fire Damage Restoration Marietta

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