The Most Common Areas in Your Home To Experience Water Damage and How To Prevent It

Water damage is no joke. It is something many homeowners will experience at one point or another. Many things can cause water damage, making it difficult to be prepared for it. But it is essential to always be on the lookout to minimize the damage and take care of the cleanup immediately. Keeping an eye on specific areas of your home for signs of water damage is advisable. 

Bathrooms water damage cleanup marietta

It should be no surprise that one of the most common areas to experience water damage is bathrooms. It is wise to occasionally check on the pipes underneath the sink to ensure they are not dripping or leaking. Because of frequent moisture from hot showers, it is also important that your bathrooms have good ventilation to prevent mold from growing, whether it be a fan or an open window. It would help if you also carefully prevented your bathtub, sink, or toilet from overflowing and flooding your bathroom.


Boiling water leads to steam, steam leads to moisture, and moisture can lead to water damage and mold. Using the fan when cooking anything on the stove is a good idea. Opening windows to help with ventilation is another smart preventative measure to prevent kitchen water damage.


Your roof plays a significant role in protecting your house from outside weather, but it does wear down after a while. When your roof is damaged, you risk getting water inside your home, and your attic will be the first to experience water damage. Keep an eye on your roof and repair or replace any damaged shingles as soon as you notice them to help prevent water from leaking through your roof and into your attic.

Laundry Rooms

Like any appliance, washing machines don’t last forever and will eventually need to be replaced. Because washing machines are major appliances attached to your house’s waterline, they can potentially cause your home water damage. Checking that the hose is connected correctly and is not wearing down is an excellent way to keep your laundry room safe from flooding. If your washing machine breaks down and you need to replace it, turn off your house’s water before detaching the hose.

Exposed Pipes

Pipes go through wear and tear over time. It is essential to keep your eye on any exposed pipes and make sure they are working correctly.  If you live in an area where the temperature drops significantly during the winter, adding insulation to your pipes is also a good idea to ensure they don’t freeze and burst. If a pipe looks like it is starting to wear down, don’t wait too long before fixing or replacing it, or you might end up with an even bigger problem.

Water Damage Cleanup—Marietta, Georgia

If you experience water damage in any area of your Marietta home, don’t try to clean it up yourself. Call the professionals at Dry Pros to help you out. We will ensure the water damage is fixed and the underlying problem is repaired so you don’t have to worry about it anymore

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