Understanding Professional Water Damage Cleanup Processes

water damage cleanup mariettaAs the summer winds down and fall starts to begin, many people begin preparing for colder weather, holidays, and school starting back up. While preparation is always a benefit, there are some things that are hard to prepare for. Water damage is one of those things.

Water Damage Cleanup – Marietta

Water damage can be devastating, so it is important to act quickly to minimize the harm to your home and make sure that the cleanup needed is quicker and easier. Contacting local professionals who are trained and certified in water damage cleanup will ensure that these water damage cleanup tasks do not end up being something you have to deal with yourself during the fall. Here are a few things water damage restoration experts do to help during a water damage crisis:

Assess The Source And Extent Of Damage 

It is very important to assess where the damage is coming from to ensure that the right equipment is being used. These experts will be able to come in and quickly make a plan that will help the process run smoothly. If you have any insight on the cause of the fire damage, be sure to share it at this time so that the assessment and planning stage of cleanup can go faster.

Water Extraction And Drying

While towels and other drying tools are a great start to help dry up your home, they will not fix the problem on their own. Moisture often extends further than is visible. Without professional drying and water extraction, hidden water that isn’t dried up can lead to further issues in the future, like mold. 

Let the cleanup crew do what they do best, and don’t attempt to perform all water extraction and drying on your own. Water damage cleanup experts are trained and experienced in specific techniques for drying out the areas where water damage has taken place. To make this process a success, they may include special professional-grade equipment or tools to help them do their job.

Disinfection And Cleaning

Disinfection and cleaning are important steps after the source of the water damage has been addressed, and the standing water has been dried up. While some water damage may come from a clean source, standing water can quickly begin to grow bacteria and become contaminated. Many sources of water damage are contaminated from the start, so disinfection is a necessary step before the restoration process is complete. Cleanup experts use special cleaning solutions to make sure all the harmful bacteria and pathogens are neutralized. 

Mold Removal

Since the main ingredient mold spores need to grow is moisture, many water-damage disasters are also mold-damage disasters. Professional water damage teams almost always specialize in mold remediation. Before they leave you on your own after restoring your home, they will check for any mold damage and immediately address it if it is found so that your home and family can be safe.

The most important part of professional water damage restoration that you need to understand is that it’s always best to get help as soon as possible before the damage gets worse and harder and more expensive to resolve. When you need help, find a local water damage team. If you’re living in Marietta, turn to Dry Pros. While water damage is hard to prepare for, you can make the cleanup process easier with the right team by your side.

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