Water Damage Restoration – Marietta Homeowners Prevention Tips

water damage restoration mariettaWhen sewer lines are clogged, they prevent wastewater from flowing freely through the drain pipes, which causes a blockage to occur. The thick, black wastewater that forms as sewage could be dangerous, as it contains viruses and toxins that can cause serious illnesses if exposed to individuals. If you experience a sewer backup in your basement, you should fix it quickly. However, knowing the preventative measures to take can help you avoid a potentially hazardous situation in your house. Below are ways you can prevent sewer backups in your pipes.

Water Damage Restoration – Expert Sewage Backup Prevention Tips From Marietta Experts

Install A Sump Pump

Installing a sump pump is a great way to protect your home and basement from a sewer backup. Apart from preventing your house from sewage backup water damage and floods, sump pumps help in keeping excess water from underground from seeping into your house. Based on the usage, a sump pump can last you for up to ten years.

Install A Backwater Valve

A backwater valve is installed directly into your sewage line. It automatically shuts off if a sewer backs up from the main sewer. It is a good idea to hire a certified plumber for installing an approved backwater prevention valve.

Dispose of Grease Properly

As a homeowner, you should ensure you pour cooking oil into a heat-resistant container and dispose of it properly after it cools, not in your drain. Pouring grease down the drain with hot water is not enough. Once the grease cools off. It will end up solidifying in your property drain or the main sewer. This will cause the sewer line to constrict and finally clog. 

Maintain Clean Sewer Lines

The sewer line in your property is your responsibility. Ensure you maintain it well so it does not damage your home. Clogged sewage can cause sewer backups in your basement.  Getting an expert to inspect the sewage lines every few years can help you avoid sewer backups. They usually connect a large vacuum to the sewage line cleanout. This tool will remove blockages, which helps in preventing clogs.

Conduct Sewer Line Inspections

It is crucial to ensure you hire a professional to inspect the condition of your sewage system every five to ten years. Experts will search for signs of cracks, damage, and clogs. They use a camera to look for cracks and holes in the pipes.

Dispose Of Paper Products Properly

Flushing hygiene products such as diapers, and paper towels down the toilet can quickly clog your sewer system. To avoid this, ensure you discard paper products in the garbage bin.

Professional Water And Sewage Damage Restoration In Marietta, Georgia

Sewage backups always present a serious problem for your property because of the potential structural damage and severe health issues the water can cause. If your home experiences a sewer backup, contact the experts in water damage restoration in Marietta right away. At Dry Pros, we are a team of professionals trained to deal with sewage removal. For water damage and sewage backup cleanup, Dry Pros Water Removal Services the experience, equipment, and training to know how to completely clean up and decontaminate after a sewage backup so that your home is safe. 

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