Can My Water Damaged Deck Be Restored?

water damage restoration marietta, water damage cleanup marietta, water damage repair mariettaWater is essential to your garden (and pool or hot tub.) But it is amazing how much damage it will do when it sits on raw lumber over time. Did you find long-term water damage on your beautiful wooden deck? 

Wood that has been exposed to the elements over time begins to rot, invites pests and goes from a load bearing structure to a shaky mess. First it begins to split. Then these cracks expand due to the weight of the dirt or the water, the cracks widen and the wood  eventually splits. Moisture left to collect and cling without evaporating will turn to mold and mildew. Not only are these substances smelly and ugly, but they will destroy your wood.

What Causes the Damage?

It starts slow and you will barely notice as it’s happening. A light rain leaves a small puddle; the weight and chemicals and moisture are slowly making a permanent indentation on your deck. Moisture attracts dust and other elements that are light enough to hang in the air. Dirt settles on the moist surface and the cracks of the wood.

Rotten wood is extremely weak. Plus pests that hide in wet wood will eat away at the good wood that the moisture hasn’t yet reached. They are attracted by the wet crevices where bacteria have begun to grow. Now you have even more mushy damage. 

Can It Be Repaired?

When it is caught early, it may be possible to repair the damage without having to replace your whole deck. If your deck is adjacent to your home, the team will need to correct any damage on the home. Dry Pros is your best shot at bringing your backyard back to life by repairing all the water damage. 

Tips For Building A New Deck

If the team has to rebuild your deck, consider some improvements over the current one.  Dry Pro will repair or replace your deck with a wonderful space for your family for years to come. Using pressure treated lumber and sealing your deck is the best way to protect the wood from water damage. Re-sealing the deck annually will help lock out moisture, preventing water from soaking into the surface or getting down into cracks and crevices.

How Dry Pros Restores your Property After Water Damage

  • Identify the source of the problem
  • Extracting water with water pumps and our truck-mounted system
  • Sealing off the affected area to prevent spreading
  • Installing drying equipment
  • Monitoring drying process and preventing mold
  • If mold is already present, we will safely remediate it

When You Have Water Damage Restoration In Marietta

If you have experienced water damage in your North Georgia home, Dry Pros will respond immediately  with a full team and resources. They will dive in to salvage your floors, walls, and possessions from additional water damage. When you hire Dry Pros, not only do you get exceptional service, you get peace of mind as well. 

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